Dive Courses & Packages


Our diving courses are run by multi-lingual diving instructors.

The Try-Dive: This course is offered on request. Our instructors will show you the basics of diving and let you begin to experience the wonders of the underwater world for yourself.

Introductory Dive: In a two hour experience, our instructors begin to teach you the rudiments of scuba diving after which you will do a 45 minute dive to a maximum of 12 meters on the coral reef.

Please note: No dive certification is awarded afterwards. The minimum age is 10 years.

Price: € 57

Scuba Diver: This 2-day course will teach you the first steps of scuba diving. It includes theory, pool training and open water dives and will enable you to achieve the first certification level. After a successful completion of the course, you will be able to undertake guided dives anywhere in the world to a maximum of 12 meters.

Price: €199 (excluding book and certification)

Open Water Diver: In this 4-day course, you will learn how to dive independently worldwide. In order to achieve the first independent level, you will be trained in diving theory, and prepare any practical aspects of diving via pool training and open water dives. Once you have completed the course successfully, you will be able to dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters, accompanied by any certified diver.

Price: € 375 (excluding book and certification)

Advanced Open Water Diver: This course is the next step after the beginner course for open water diving. This 2-day course includes 5 specialty dives, and the level of the course focuses on other types of diving beyond the usual reef dives such as scooter diving, underwater photography, deep diving, drift diving, night diving, underwater navigation, wreck diving and many more. After you have completed the course, you may continue with any dive offered by diving centers worldwide.

Price: € 260 (excluding book and certification) 

Specialties: These courses are made for people who are interested in a particular type of dives such as altitude diving, underwater photography, deep diving, drift diving, night diving, underwater navigation, wreck diving and many more. Once completed, you may call yourself a specialist in that particular area of diving.

Price: varies for each specialty, but approximately €50 per dive (excluding book and certification)

Rescue Diver: This 3-day training course will teach you how to avoid problems whilst diving yourself and with other divers. This course focuses on how to react in the unlikely event of an underwater emergency, how to regain control as well as how to safely guide your dive buddies to the surface and seek for professional medical help.

Price: € 370 (excluding book and certification)

Nitrox Diver: Nitrox is nitrogen reduced breathing gas and is the safest option when diving. This one hour course teaches you about the advantages and disadvantages of Nitrox. After having completed this course, you may dive with nitrox anywhere worldwide.

Price: € 50 (excluding book and certification)

Instructor courses and professional training levels are available on request.